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3 Reasons Why Leasing Is Better Than Home Ownership

For decades, home ownership has been viewed as the American dream. However, that perspective has shifted for many people who find renting to be a more reasonable option. Buying a home is a major financial and life commitment, and it’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone. The property management team here at Realty Roundup has worked with hundreds of Sacramento County and San Joaquin County residents to help them find the perfect rental home where they can enjoy all the benefits of being a tenant.

Here, we share the top advantages of renting a home over becoming a homeowner:

  • More Money in Your Pocket: Although mortgage payments are comparable to rent, there are many other expenses associated with owning a home to consider. You must pay upfront costs for the down payment and closing fees, as well as out of pocket for repairs and home improvements. As a renter, you don’t have any of these financial obligations and can save the extra money or spend it elsewhere.home
  • Fewer Maintenance Responsibilities: When you’re a homeowner, you must put time and effort into maintaining your home. If you rent your living space, the landlord or property management company will take care of the maintenance responsibilities, and you will be free to spend your time however you wish.
  • More Flexibility to Move: Purchasing a home is a long-term commitment, so you must know you’re ready to live in one location for the foreseeable future. Renting gives you the flexibility to relocate at any time for work, to be closer to family, or to simply try out a new neighborhood.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should rent or buy a home, it’s important to weigh your options carefully. Keep in mind with so many excellent reasons to rent, there’s no need to rush into home ownership.  Contact our office for more information on rentals and availability.

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Property Management Company

One of the more beneficial things you can do as a real estate investor is hiring a property management company to handle the day-to-day responsibilities required of you. However, not all property managers provide equal service, and selecting the right professional is critical to your success. Several characteristics define the type of property management you want to partner with. To get the most out of your investment, these are the traits the experts at Realty Roundup suggest you seek out in a company:

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Property Management Company

1. Solid Reputation in the Community

Before hiring any professional service, it’s essential to learn what their reputation is in their community. It’s best to research a property management company online to review the type of client testimonies they have received, as well as ask for references from other homeowners they’ve worked with.

2. Proven Operational Procedures

A good property management company will have an established set of operational procedures that have proven to be effective. This should include everything from preventive maintenance to budgeting and auditing contractors to ensure the streamlined efficiency of managing all aspects of your property.

3. Industry Knowledge

Knowledge of the industry is crucial when it comes to providing property management services. A company must stay up-to-date on all the current laws and regulations and understand how to market to properly, screen and evict tenants should the need arise. It’s critical that the person or firm you hire has a grasp on all matters related to financial reporting, tenant relationships, and property upkeep.

4. Organizational Skills

Property management involves many different facets, and it’s likely there will be numerous tasks to care for each day. Your manager should have superior organizational skills and be able to remain focused on the details while completing a varied to-do list. Part of this is also being able to prioritize assignments and requests as they come up.

5. Open Communication Policy

If you or your tenants are unable to reach your property manager when needed, it can lead to severe frustration. Having open communication with a company is vital so you can be kept informed of everything going on with your property. Timely responses are necessary to make sure each element is operating as it’s supposed to.

If you want to achieve the best results for your real estate investment, these are the characteristics you want your property management company to reflect. Contact Realty Roundup at (916)685-6601, or  check our website for an in-depth look at the services we offer property owners.

3 Benefits of a Property Management Company While Renting

Finding a rental home can be frustrating and time-consuming, with hours spent digging through property ads, sometimes to no avail. When you finally do find a rental property you love, dealing with landlords often brings its own difficulties, especially if necessary repairs go neglected. To avoid these issues and make finding your next rental home easier and less stressful, consider working with a property management company.

Property managers offer renters a wider range of benefits over private landlords, including:

  • Formality: Property management companies treat renting as a business relationship. This could mean you will probably be unable to negotiate exceptions to rules and will have little room to negotiate. However, they will often be more responsive to repair and maintenance issues and will have a thorough understanding of renter’s rights in your area.
  • property managementOpen Communication: While private landlords may be difficult to reach at times, most property management companies maintain open lines of communication, including after hours protocols in the case of an emergency. Regardless of where the owner of your property is or what they are doing, the property manager can be reached almost any time you have an issue or a question.
  • Streamlined Property Hunting: Most property management companies care for several different properties. In fact, some larger companies may manage hundreds of apartments, homes, and townhouses, giving you access to a wider variety of choices. Instead of hunting for your next rental home on your own, a property manager may be able to find your ideal location for you.

As one of Elk Grove’s most respected and established property management companies, Realty Roundup has provided a comprehensive range of services for renters and property owners alike for over 30 years.


3 Ways a Property Management Company Will Lighten Your Load of Responsibilities

Becoming a rental property owner can be a lucrative way to generate income, but it also comes with quite a bit of responsibility. Fortunately, your real estate investment can be virtually hassle-free if you hire the services of a property management company like us. As professionals, we take over the day-to-day duties of managing a property, so our clients avoid having to oversee every small detail or respond to each tenant emergency.

Below, we explain some of the benefits a property manager will offer:

  • Determine Rental Rates & Collect Payments: Property management companies are familiar with the rental market and understand how homes and apartments should be valued. They will help set a reasonable rental rate that won’t be so high it turns potential tenants away but high enough to produce revenue. Also, they handle collecting rent on time and enforcing penalties for late payments.
  • Screen Tenants: One of the biggest challenges of being a landlord is finding quality tenants. Property managers have a process for screening applicants which allows them to set the suitable candidates apart from the controversial ones. This is crucial, as it can mean the difference as to whether or not you have renters that pay on time and cause little to no damage to the property.
  • Market Your Property: The only way to make money from your rental property is if you keep vacancies to a minimum. This means getting tenants to stay long-term and getting new renters as soon as possible after someone has moved out. A property management company has experience in both tenant turnover and marketing rentals in a way that showcases their most appealing features and reaches a higher percentage of prospective tenants.

Whether you have no experience being a landlord or you simply don’t have the time to take on the workload it requires, hiring a property management company will help to ensure your investment stays in top condition and continues to be profitable. Contact us at (916) 685-6601.

Annual Toy Drive

toy-projectWe are a donation station for the Annual Toy Project put on by the EGPD and Cosumnes CSD!  Help us help the community by bringing in any unwrapped toy.  You will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon Echo!  Call us for more info! (916) 685-6601

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Watering Schedules

Lawn-Sprinkler460x300Do you know your watering schedules?  Some water agencies have changed how much watering you can do!  Click on the link for your watering days.  Elk Grove, Sacramento, Galt, and Stockton are included.  If you do not see your water agency, give our office a call! (916) 685-6601

Watering Schedules

Welcome June!


Here are some fun facts about the month of June:

1. The birthstones for June are the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.
2. The birth flower for June is the rose.
3. The zodiac signs for June are Gemini (May 21 – June 20) and Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
4. On June 1, 1792, the state of Kentucky, also known as the Bluegrass state, became the 15th state of the United States.
5. On June 1, 1796, Tennessee, also known as The Volunteer State became the 16th state of the United States.
6. On June 5, 1947, George C. Marshall, the Secretary of State, described the Marshall Plan.
7. On June 14, 1777, the flag of the United States was adopted by the Continental Congress.
8. June 14, 1900 – Hawaii was organized as a territory
9. On June 15, 1215, the Magna Carta was granted by King John.
10. On June 15, 1775, George Washington was appointed the commander in chief of the Continental Army.
11. On June 15, 1836, Arkansas also known as the Natural State, became the 25th state of the United States.
12. Finland’s Flag Day is celebrated on the Saturday closest to June 24.
13. On June 6th, Sweden celebrates its national holiday, Flag Day.
14. On June 12, The Philippines’ Independence Day is celebrated.
15. On June 18, 1812, the United States declared war on Great Britain.
16. National Candy Month
17. National Dairy Month
18. National Iced Tea Month
19. June 5 – World Environment Day
20. June 20 – Father’s Day

Bring on May Flowers!


May Fun Facts:

1. The birthstone for May is the emerald which represents success or love.
2. The zodiac sign for May are Taurus (April 20 – May 20) and Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
3. The birth flower for May is the Crataegus monogyna and the Lily of the Valley.
4. On May 1, 1931, the Empire State Building was officially opened.
5. Armed Forces Day – celebrated the third Saturday of May
6. Mother’s Day – celebrated on the second Sunday of May
7. Memorial Day – celebrated on the last Monday in May.
8. May 5 – Cinco De Mayo
9. On the first Saturday in May, the Kentucky Derby takes place.
10. On May 11, 1858, Minnesota was admitted to the Union.
11. On May 14, 1804, Lewis and Clark, the great explorers began their trip up the Missouri River.
12. On May 14, 1948, the last British troops left Palestine which led to Israel becoming an independent country.
13. On May 15, 1918, the first regular airmail service began in the United States.
14. On May 20, 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act.
15. On May 20, 1932, the first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic Ocean was made by Amelia Earhart.
16. On May 23, 1788, South Carolina became the eighth state.
17. On May 24, 1607, the first permanent English settlement in America was established in Jamestown, VA.
18. On May 27, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was opened in San Francisco.
19. On May 29, 1790, Rhode Island became the 13th state.
20. On May 29, 1848, Wisconsin became the 30th state.

Hoping for April Showers!


Fun facts about the month of April:

1. The birthstone for April is the diamond.
2. The zodiac signs for April are Aries (March 21 – April 19) and Taurus (April 20 – May 20).
3. The birth flower of April is typically the Sweet Pea or the Daisy.
4. Global Child Nutrition Month
5. Humor Month
6. Mathematics Awareness Month
7. The Revolutionary War in America began on April 19, 1755.
8. April 23rd is known as the Feast day of the Patron Saint of England.
9. On April 30, 1975, General Duong Vanh Minh surrendered and the Communist forces captured Saigon which led to the end of the Vietnam War.
10. On April 4, 1818, a flag that contained 1 star for each state and 13 stripes was adopted by Congress.
11. In Fayette, N.Y. on April 6, 1830, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded by Joseph Smith.
12. On April 6, 1917 the United States declared war on Germany in World War I.
13. On April 4, 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed.
14. On April 11, 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island of Elba and he was abdicated as Emperor of the French.
15. Good Friday – Friday before Easter Sunday
16. April 1 – April Fools’ Day
17. April 5 – Arbor Day
18. April 22 – Earth Day
19. Thai New Year in Thailand
20. Khmer New Year in Cambodia

Happy Easter!

easterWishing everyone a Happy Easter!!


The Realty Roundup Staff